Moving Estimates Cost Calculator

Moving estimates cost calculator can save up to 60% on a long distance move

What’s Should Be Included In a Moving Estimate

Your full name, Moving from & To Address with a full inventory

National Interstate Moving Cost

The average cost to move a two bedroom from state to state is around three thousand dollars

Moving Estimate

Estimated Furniture Delivery Time

The average time it takes for movers to deliver furniture from state to state is between 5-10 business days


Hourly Local Moving Cost

Two men and a truck can cost between $50-$75.00 an hour

Three Men With a Truck Cost

To hire three men with a truck rages between $75.00 to $110.00 an hour

Top Moving Destinations In The U.S

The more popular your moving to state is the cheaper your move will be

Cheap Movers With A+ Ratings

Hiring cheap movers is fine as long as they have A or A+ ratings

Booking a Moving Company Through a Referral

Even today the best way to book a moving company is a good referral from a trusted source